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Welcome to the Urban Planning Discussion Wiki!

The goal of this wiki is to create a platform for discussion urban planning projects in a wiki-like environment. Everyone is welcome to contribute projects they're interested in and develop the existing projects. Together we can create a platform where people can both find information on new developments and a place to discuss them.

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Urban projects are often controversial, which means that creating a wiki on a project will bring together people with often opposing views. Unlike wikipedia, this wiki aims to encourage a healthy discussion around the projects, and not hide it in the talk pages of each wiki. However, some ground rules for the wiki are:

  1. Aim for accuracy and reference your edits
  2. Be explicit when stating opinions and sort arguments into the For and Against sections within each wiki
  3. Respect opposing edits and their right to contribute
  4. No flaming or insults based on race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
  5. Don't distort: Always remember that the goal is to produce a clear picture of the project and the argument around it.

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